QSL Bureau

The QSL Bureau is located on the Second Floor of the Phoenix Centre, on Reid Street in Hamilton.  The cabinet is located at the back of the floor, in an office on the right.  To access the cabinet, you must ask one of the employees to grant you access to the back office room.  After removing your QSL cards, please adjust the metal tabs to keep the remaining cards arranged neatly.

Incoming QSL Cards

For those amateurs wishing to send QSL cards to the VP9 Bureau, please address your envelopes to:

RSB QSL Bureau, P.O. Box HM275, Hamilton, Bermuda HM AX

Before sending cards to the VP9 Bureau, be sure to check the VP9 Callsign list.  Many of the local amateurs have a QSL Manager, which will be noted on the list.